Welcome to Insurance Tax Services

Insurance Tax Services is an invaluable resource for Surplus Lines agents and brokers selling in other states. Until now, agents had to spend hours and hours trying to call State Insurance Agency bureaucracies or searching the internet for filing information: current tax rates, stamping fees, filling requirements and state specific language necessary for accurate policy processing.

Now we've brought all this information together in an inexpensive, easy to use website that gives you access to insurance tax information for all 50 states, Guam and Puerto Rico. The information here is current and updated frequently so you don't have to spend valuable time tracking down this obscure information. Check out our sample data to see how easy it is to find and use our data. We've even created a "point-and-click" tax calculator that calculates taxes and stamping fees for any premium for any state.

By becoming a member of Insurance Tax Services we can help you eliminate the difficult and often complex process of obtaining Surplus Lines Tax information. Without question, this unique and comprehensive data base can significantly reduce the time and effort currently required to propose and service Surplus Lines Policies.